Roof patches

When covering the roof with tiles or sheet metal tiles, we expect great aesthetics and functionality of the roof. In order to achieve the desired effect, appropriate materials should be used, including, among others, properly manufactured and impregnated patches. It is thanks to them that the tiles will evenly cover the roof structure, ensuring its proper tightness. Special production from selected raw materials allows us to make patches that meet all requirements.

Our offer includes battens manufactured in the same length and only on multi-saw blades, thanks to which there is no thickness fluctuation and the client receives the highest quality material. The battens are stored on spacers and stored in packages on high storage racks. An additional advantage is packing in small packages of 6 or 10 pieces. Standard patches are impregnated by immersion. We also sell dry and planed patches in the C24 class.

Standard dimensions:

  • dimensions (mm): 25×50; 40×50; 40×60; 38×58
  • Length (m): 4.0; 4.5; 5.0
On request, it is possible to produce battens in non-standard cross-sections and lengths up to 6.0 meters. For demanding projects, we have dry planed patches in the dimensions of 25×45, 45×45, 40×60, which guarantee even coverage and no warping or twisting of the slats.